Translations and Other services

Our local travel guides will complete all airport & border formalities for you, introduce you to Ugandan hospitality, arrange for you to meet safe stay requirements and do their best to make your holiday a unforgettable experience you will cherish for years to come.

  • Translation and Interpretation Agency Uganda-TIA-UG

    TIA-UG is the regional leader in providing the translation of 0ver 60 languages in East Africa. We are proud to have maintained quality in our work for now 6 years since the inception of the Agency.We have translated government documents, personal documents, NGO content as well as Public stuff.

    Our staff are experts at localizing and contextualising content depending on the target audience(B2B translations)

    We are known for secure, timely and quality services all over the region. You can trust us with your content. Contact us at

  • Our Translations












    And many more.....

  • Education Leadership and Training Consultancy Services

    Our education consultants work with schools and individual stakeholders to optimize the progress of all students at all levels. As demand for motivated, passionate teachers and educationists just keeps growing in the increasingly competitive education sector, we are here to provide you with the most professional as well as experienced consultants.

    Solutions Uganda will bring you up to speed on what it takes to become an academic giant, describing the required education, identifying the gaps in your institution or organisation. We are proud to have partnerships with private institutions as well as a good number of reputable NGOs.

  • Research Assistance

    We shall assist you to carryout any kind of research with the support of our research assistants.Be it health, legal, education or political research we shall assist you.

    Interpretation and transcriptions


    Language & Cultural Consultation

    Social research

    Document editing and amendment

  • Web design and maintenance

    We shall design for you a classic website and maintain it for.We shall ensure that it gets to the right audience with a lot of traffic.

  • Promotion Advice and Market Research

    We shall ensure that your product reaches the intended audience. Our dynamic team will do the research for you and present to you facts based on evidence before you can make a critical decision